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Game Description

Project igiProject IGI 1: I'm Going In:

It's hard to deny the appeal of first-person action/adventure/espionage game Project IGI 1's concept. Which gamer hasn't wanted to play a virtual James Bond, using high-tech weapons and gadgets to save the world from nuclear destruction? Project IGI  1 lets you do that and more throughout 14 cool missions that are set in all types of terrain and weather. Should you snipe that guard on the tower opposite you, or use the power cable between you and him to zip-line down, stab him, and save your precious sniper rifle ammunition? Is it better to take the base head-on or skulk around the perimeter first and thin down your opposition? This is the kind of open-ended superspy gameplay.

Project IGI 1 is one of my favourite game, based on a flight simulator engine, so the outdoor environments let you see for miles. It's a stunning feeling to run to the edge of a cliff and see an enormous enemy military installation sprawled out in the valley below. Buildings, weapons, and vehicles are all rendered realistically, and there isn't a game in recent memory that contains such convincing base layouts. Best of all, the expansive outdoor environments seamlessly transition into indoor and underground installations that are just as detailed.

IGI 1 Missions:

IGI1 1 Trainyard
IGI1 2 SAM Base
IGI1 3 Military Airbase
IGI1 5 Radar Base
IGI1 6 Get Priboi
IGI1 7 Border Crossing
IGI1 8 Re-Supply
IGI1 9 Missile Trainyard
IGI1 10 Defend Priboi
IGI1 11 Eagle's Nest I
IGI1 12 Eagle's Nest II
IGI1 13 Nuclear Infiltration
IGI1 14 Finding The Bomb

System Requirements:

Windows 95/98/ME/2000/XP;
DirectX 8.1;
450MHz CPU;
16-bit Direct Sound compliant sound card;
Compatible 3D graphics card with 8MB RAM;
500MB HD space

Screen Shots:

Project igi Project igiProject igi

Download Link

Click Here to Download Project IGI 1 

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