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EA Sports FIFA 2005 PC Game Free download


FIFA  2003 Soccer: It isn't quite perfect, but the latest FIFA game is a refreshing and compelling step ahead in a series that's known for its quality.
As we've seen both in 1998 and this year, EA Sports generally tries to take full advantage of the World Cup, and how much interest it generates in the sport of soccer, by releasing not one, but two soccer games in a year. And now, just five months after 2002 FIFA World Cup comes FIFA Soccer 2003. The latest edition of this decade-old franchise is perhaps the most intriguing in some time, highlighting the tactical battles of the real-life sport and at least partially abstaining from the slam-bang superhuman action of past versions. Make no mistake, the pace can still be inordinately fast unless you choose to slow it down, but this may well be the FIFA that hard-core fans have been waiting for.
After each goal, FIFA 2003 superimposes the team logos and current score onto the pitch.


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