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FIFA 2000 PC Game freee Download Full


There is more meaning in the name FIFA 2000 than just the year. FIFA 2000 is really the match of the new millennium, and has major improvements in FIFA 99. The most obvious improvement is the addition of the 12 MLS teams in the already long list of countless other leagues. Now football fans can pit their favorite teams in the U.S. against others, or even against top teams in the world. FIFA 2000 has also introduced some important additions that offer the game that added more depth to the game, you'll wonder how you ever got through FIFA 99 without them. Duplication of the most popular games of football and baseball in the market today, FIFA 2000 introduces icon passing from different parts of the prison. This makes it much easier to help would-be strikers corner - at the touch of a button you can guide a corner directly to your man in the box, which is expected to head the ball .  

Another feature you will learn to love is the way to the classification of reliability - a small colored arrow in the direction of step that changes color depending on how well defended target is to pass. On defense, you can control the aggressiveness of their equipment and training on the fly, even so far as to make all its supporters to leave his man and run to the ball with the touch of a button. With one touch of a button, you'll quickly return to the default strategy. All these additions are both well implemented and easy to use, improving the gameplay instead of complicating the situation too. The basic modes you expect from the FIFA series intact. There is an exhibition, tournament, season, and practice mode. Also how to create a player, and you can even customize your computer to your preference. You get to choose from many options including three levels of skill.

Minimum system requirements:
  • 1.0GHz processor
  • 128MB RAM
  • 32MB video card
  • 1024x768 resolution


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