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Hitman - Contracts PC Game Free Download Full

Hitman 3 Contracts Download 

 Hitman: Contracts was released in April 21, 2004 after Hitman 2. This third installment in the critically acclaimed, multi-million selling Hitman series takes you into the mind of a ruthlessly efficient contract killer, showing the action and the world through the eyes of Agent 47. The game begins in Paris as a wounded Agent 47 finds himself trapped in a dingy hotel room. As he lapses in and out of consciousness he experiences flashbacks from some of his most harrowing missions. Hitman: Contracts explores the darker psychology of killing for a living and is our most graphic effort yet in the series.

 Hitman 3 Contracts screenshotHitman 3 Contracts screenshotHitman 3 Contracts screenshot
Hitman 3 Contracts screenshot 

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